- Saturday, June 27, 1998 at 12:18:43 (BST)

Yesterday's surprise was: JX7DFA IQ50 @2106z 55 in JN58SP. Further LA5TFA JP99

and SM2HTM KP07 could be hrd/wkd. Pulled the switch a bit too early and missed the

VE/W's... 73's!

Max, DL4MDQ <Max.Wild@T-Online.de>

- Saturday, June 20, 1998 at 05:29:16 (BST)



What an unpredictable band! Worked PY5CC yesterday. Peter was upto 55 on both ssb

and cw. QRB 10715+- kms (=personal record on Es for me) Wkd JX7DFA as well

before tucking in. 73

Bo SM7FJE <bn@aaaaa.se>

- Friday, June 05, 1998 at 06:16:07 (BST)



Strange condx into IO83 last night. Good signals from JX7DFA/p in IQ51, TF3FK in

HP94, LA5TFA/p in KP09. + the usual stuff OY/SM/LA. At 2340z the surprise of the

summer, VE8BY/b on 048 at 579! Lasted about 30 minutes. Alas no VE8's on the band

to work.

Neil G0JHC

- Saturday, July 18, 1998 at 08:24:48 (BST)




Well I made it to #100 DXCC tonight with JX7DFA.I would like to thank everyone who

sent congratulations on the cluster and via email.I have worked 76 in Y2K so the next

goal is 100 this year.I did have a small celebration I confess.Still waiting for the big

carribean opening hi.

Conrad G0RUZ <conrad.farlow@virgin.net>

- Friday, June 02, 2000 at 02:25:17 (GMT/BST)



Nothing much to report here. Seems like I always miss the JX/JW openings. Never

heard JW5RIA, and heard JX7DFA weak at 24/7, not sure if the qso is ok. Today (25/7)I

got a call from LA2WKA at 1547z, he told me JX7DFA/B was in. I'll tell you, the beacon

was 10-15 db over s9, but on and on went the keyer..... We tried his phone number, nil,

I sent a fax, nil, after a while the beacon dissappeared. Little later the rest of eu had

conds to him. Lucky guys. If anyone wants a good, clean recording of the beacon, it

sounds like it comes directly from the keyer, e-mail me.

Andreas, LA8AJA <la8aja@libertysurf.no>

- Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at 23:42:26 (GMT/BST)

JX7DFA heard/worked (20.10 here)in Southern G tonight (at last) and all over Nortern

EU. Great op no grid loc, just report. 73 Sixers.

Kerry g0lcs <g0lcs@qsl.net>

- Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at 00:52:06 (GMT/BST)



Finally got Z3 today. Z32ZM called me, first and only time I've heard Z3. DXCC nr 60

worked. Could not get ZA/N7BHC, TA3BD (vy loud), YM0KA (good thing I worked

TA1AZ some weeks back), SV8AQY, SV3/DK?? (still need SV), Z21KQ (second time

I've heard Z2), and 7Q7RM (third time heard, but have worked him). I could not hear

anyone from NA tonight, but I heard all the europeans having fun. Even worse, JX7DFA

was on 50110 during the evening, and I wasn't on ;-( Maybe next time.....

Andreas, LA8AJA <la8aja@libertysurf.no>

- Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 03:43:57 (GMT/BST)



JX7DFA is CQ:ing with 599++ sigs on 50110, only station on band here, still no conds

into ZA, TA, SV5 or even 3A from up here. Someone out there with som spare conds for

sale ?? Have been around since 1995 and still need those countries !73 from JP82

Classe SM3GSK

SM3GSK Classe <sm3gsk@sk3bg.se>

- Monday, July 10, 2000 at 22:39:02 (GMT/BST)



17/Dec/00 I had my first ever F2 opening worked 28 stations between 1240 - 1320 UTC.

Discovered the opening when I saw spots from I. on the JW beacon. TA1AZ and 9H5IP

were new ones for JX. TA, LZ, YU1, YO, 9H, IS, IT, EH7 wkd. More info abt JX:

http://home.no.net/janmayen More info abt LA-six: http://www.qsl.net/la7dfa

Per-Einar Dahlen, JX7DFA <per-einar.dahlen@ftd.mil.no>

- Thursday, December 21, 2000 at 14:56:01 (GMT/BST)



JX7DFA made it into 9h at last for about 45 min from 12.30z most of the 9h 6mad crew

worked him.


John 9h1xt <johnscic@synapse.net.mt>

- Sunday, December 17, 2000 at 17:46:54 (GMT/BST)



What can I say? Another phenomenal day on 6m. 4 new ones too! OH0, YL, HR and my

long awaited KH6 (K6MIO 1,000 TU's!!) What next? VK video heard here for very first

time.AH8A heard very weakly. V73 and KH6 in for hours, tho never real loud. I could go

on & on, but suffice to say I'm finally impressed with 6m. Was pleased to see JX7DFA

work some USA.....maybe some Canada next time Per? HIHI! 73 de Mike

ve9aa Mike <ve9aaAThotmail.com>

- Monday, November 19, 2001 at 00:49:40 (GMT/BST)



Worked today:XV3AA,JX7DFA,VE2DFO and HC8N. Not too bad!! GL es 73 de 9A3FT

Renko 9A3FT

- Sunday, November 18, 2001 at 18:56:36 (GMT/BST)



Hi 2 all 6m fanatics.Magic band or ...Heard for almost 2 weeks by 12-14h utc only

VE1YX.No other north america stations unless friday when i copied VE1ZZ (&

JX7DFA).Hope heard others dx as the CQWWDX CW approch especially the central

america stations.73s & gl de CN8LI.

said cn8li <cn8li@yahoo.fr>

- Sunday, November 18, 2001 at 12:18:01 (GMT/BST)



Veli tnx QSL direct, nice to see OH8HTG on the shack wall, I have also QSLed direct I

hope that you have received iy OK. It was a fine Auroral ES opening also wkd OH6KTL

KP02, OH7PI KP32, SM3JLA JP93, SM3GSK JP82, and JX7DFA IQ50 at 2244 hrs!

great Auroral Es 73s JIM

Jim GM8LFB <gm8lfb6m>

- Sunday, December 02, 2001 at 05:32:33 (GMT/BST)



I heard the JW7SIX beacon today @ 1620z the strongest I ever heard it. OX3SIX was

also noted unusally strong. About an hour later JX7DFA reported hearing my CW CQ

and also heard K1TOL and N1RZ. Tantalizing, but no QSOs made to the extreme north

Atlantic today. JX7DFA said he will be QRV on 6m tomorrow at around 1630z looking

for N-Am and will alert JW5IRA as well. Here's hoping... Also had an interesting opening

to F, EH, CT today for about an houring starting at around 1826z. Signals were VERY

strong (up to 59+50) and it 'felt' like a multi-hop Es event, not F2 or Es+F2. This band

just continues to amaze me. What will I do with my life once the 6m propagation

bonanza abates? Bill AA6TT Topsham VT FN34

Bill AA6TT <Buckmaster or QRZ.com>

- Wednesday, January 02, 2002 at 22:04:23 (GMT/BST)



What a day ! 6 new ones. Now at 66 dxcc's wkd. Worked ZB2EO 1020Z, EH8BPX

1100Z, S07V 1121Z, LY2BH 1131Z, CT3FT 1149Z & ZS6NK 1211Z (~ 11000km).

Maybe DXCC is within reach afterall ! Running 6 ele yagi and modified SB-220. Per

JX7DFA <la7dfa@qsl.net>

- Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 19:08:21 (GMT/BST)



Worked JX7DFA at 1211 from kg 46 with 59+ signals.Many thanks to zs6avp who alerted

me.73 de

Paul zs6nk <paulus(at)pixie.co.za>

- Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 14:52:17 (GMT/BST)



Per,JX7DFA,You are rare Dx!, I'd use 110,and if pile-up gets big,move crowd to 120 etc.If

one is narrow/band minded,enough not to listen up/dn from 110,they deserve to miss

You!.Thats my opinion,for what its worth!.73 Gud Dx.de Ellis.

Ellis, WA1RKS

Friday, May 31 2002 at 16:27 (GMT)



Should I use 50.110 or not ? Often this is the best way to get attention, but I know some

stations are complaning. It is impossible for me to call CQDX and not get Eu pileup !

Should I work Eu on 110 or not ? It's tricky to operate from a rare location with few

openings :-( Personally I feel that 50.110 should have been the activation centre, like

144.050 or 144.300. People will never learn to behave correct on 110 with the rules we

have today. What is 'dx' on six anyway ?? 73 de Per, JX7DFA (QRV until Oct-2002)


Friday, May 31 2002 at 16:01 (GMT)



JX7SIX 50.079: All permits are OK and the beacon is shipped from SM0KAK (TNX

Lasse !). Will be installed in July. Pwr: 10W, dipole and very good QTH for all directions

(including USA).

Per, JX7DFA <la7dfa@qsl.net>

- Friday, May 24, 2002 at 18:03:17 (GMT/BST)



JX7DFA presently booming here in IO93 square. Signals 5x8 front and back off the

beam. Hi. Any activity from JW right now? Also looking for OX for new countries

PLEASE. 73 to all.........David


Thursday, June 27 2002 at 19:04 (GMT)



JX7SIX is now assembled and mounted in a waterproof box. I am now finetuning the

antenna. Will post info when it's on air from the new location. More at:



Thursday, June 27 2002 at 16:58 (GMT)



Re JX7SIX beacon, hi Per, saw your spot on the cluster. What is present stautus. Has it

changed location, antenna , power ect. Only here it now MS . 73s beaming N.


Tuesday, June 18 2002 at 20:48 (GMT)



Hmm, This morning JX7SIX was 599 all the time here in SM0 (JO99CF), but where was

JX7DFA? Any hints of how to bring his attention? 73 de SM0TSC

Johan, SM0TSC

Saturday, June 15 2002 at 14:04 (GMT)



Great to work FJ5DX, FG5FR, JX7DFA & few NA last night. I received the following

reply back from FJ5DX this evening.....good luck to everyone trying for him......"Really

great surprise for the first opening propagation with Europe since long time. Your signal

is nice here. I have the pleasure to confirm you are the FIRST ONE between FJ-GW.

Also, G4HBA is the FIRST ONE between FJ-G. I have little problem to copy correctly

the G4 call in the first time, because there was also CT1EEB calling me on the same

time ! HI. Equipment - DX70TH, 3 ele yagi, 600w, FK87nv - qsl via Philippe DELCROIX,

BP 213, 97096 St BARTHELEMY CEDEX, - FWI - via FRANCE." Thanks for the qsl info

Philippe!. 73 all de T O N Y .. GW4VEQ.

Tony, GW4VEQ

Tuesday, June 11 2002 at 22:30 (GMT)



Many greetings from OJ0! Some 400+ Q's on six including e.g. EH8 and EH9, JY9,

CN2, 5B4, PY2XB and PY5CC, JX7DFA. Friday June 7th was the best day. Saturday

produced mainly 9H's and on Sunday many I's plus JX7. I heard PY1RO well on Friday

some 300 hz above my frequency working European pile up with 579 sigs - but: I had

my pile up, hi. Next operation will be on July 8 to 11th. Thank you very much for

everybody - OJ0 was again a great fun. Seppo OH1VR/OJ0VR

seppo, OH1VR

Tuesday, June 11 2002 at 05:28 (GMT)



also made a recording of YI9OM but only his QRZ i cut the pile off. look on

www.qsl.net/oz0jx click audio bottom in the menu. also have d2eb - JX7DFA etc.

soeren, OZ0JX

Saturday, June 08 2002 at 13:35 (GMT)



Hi all. What a fine day. Worked first JX7DFA (0943) and then YI9OM (1709). I tell you

CW still going strong. Good luck and 73 Pierre

Pierre, HB9QQ

Friday, June 07 2002 at 19:58 (GMT)



A good couple of days here in IO70. JX7DFA 599 (Tnx Per) and this morning OJ0VR

59+++. #154. Now where is that JW? 73

Peter, G8BCG

Friday, June 07 2002 at 14:47 (GMT)



FT920 fb 6m rig and notbad on HF Steve if you follow the links on this site i am sure you

will find a lot more info... Tony UZN RSGB web site has all relevant info for VHF contest

logs just search VHFCC. band was not so good today in GU but JX7DFA is certainly

making a good signal this way yeaterday he was in frm 12z to after 00z either him or the

beacon on .79 73 colin

Colin, MU0FAL

Thursday, June 06 2002 at 22:41 (GMT)



Just for info: JX7SIX The present QTH is perfect for Eu. (Ground/Seagain, yagi, high

power - 100W). The new beacon will be installed in IQ50rx, a muntaintop. Good for all

directions, but only 10W RF & a dipole. Radiation angle will be low due to the steep

mountaintop. The reason for using only 10W is limitations in the available mains supply

plus lower risk of interfering with the VHF channels used by Jan Mayen radio.


Wednesday, June 05 2002 at 21:12 (GMT)



Per JX7DFA, Still hear bcn Ms how long before qsy, is it better for Eu? 73s and thanks

for your work.


Tuesday, June 04 2002 at 21:10 (GMT)



MU0FAL Colin, In a pile up try CQ NO DUPES! It worked for David ZF1DC and would

work for Per JX7DFA also, giving other folk a fair chance of being heard. I know what it

was like when first got on 2m from IO88 in 1994, and enjoyed every minute of it. Bye the

way also pleased to hear JX7SIX last night by MS should be a good indicator for auroral

es, 73s


Tuesday, June 04 2002 at 13:03 (GMT)



1. JX7SIX/50.079 temporarily QRV from IQ50ov, next month from IQ50rx. Spotted in

9A, S5 and N-Eu first few hours QRV! 2. Tnx for the comments on the bandplan :-) 3.

OH1VR, Seppo- Great news, hope to work you via Auroral-E.



Monday, June 03 2002 at 22:57 (GMT)



Per, tnx info on present status on JX7SIX beacon. I cant hear it today but it a rather

chirpy note a few days ago. I check it daily so will report on cluster. Your log must be

red hot. 73s.



Sunday, July 07 2002 at 16:00 (GMT)



JX7SIX: Was on the mountaintop friday evening and did some finetuning of the output

power. It was 'only' 6W due to low voltage and a small mismatch. Turned the

powersupply up to 14.0V and tuned the output coil. Now the output power is ~10.5W

and reflected power is less than 1W. Last things to consider is audiokeying due to some

keyclicks and support for the feedline the first 2 metres after the balun (the load can be

severe due to extreme iceing and really hard WX). By the way: I worked nearly 400

stations last friday :-)


Sunday, July 07 2002 at 10:24 (GMT)



JX7SIX now QRV permanently - IQ50rx. Logsearch for JX7DFA available at



Tuesday, July 02 2002 at 18:11 (GMT)



JX7DFA/P will be QRV from IQ51 this weekend. Will be active from friday 17Z till

sunday 11Z. This is primary a holiday with 'da boyz' so do not expect too much activity

late at night... I will have a 'breakable' beacon on 50079 with JX7DFA callsign (from same

loc.). PS: JX7SIX is temporary QRT until I have solved some technical problems

(keyclicks). JX7SIX will be permanently on the air before September.


Friday, August 09 2002 at 10:26 (GMT)



1. Many thanks for the JX7DFA card ,Per !!


Saturday, September 07 2002 at 22:35 (GMT)



Received JX7DFA card today 73 STEWART


Wednesday, September 04 2002 at 20:29 (GMT)



JX7SIX: The beacon is not working properly at the moment. The signal received at the

Jan Mayen 'base' is much lower than normal. I will have one of the locals checking it



Monday, June 30 2003 at 09:58 (GMT)



JX7SIX went QRT due to a chrushed balun. JX2IJ QRV on six for 1 week starting 24/7.

JW5RIA arrived at Bear island today, and is hopefully QRV by now.


Sunday, July 20 2003 at 19:09 (GMT)



JX7SIX Beacon is QRV. The beacon was QRT due to a crushed antenna balun from

(approx) 1. June 2003 till 18. August 2003.


Monday, August 18 2003 at 14:49 (GMT)