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A clip from the seismic huts on Jan Mayen in March 2001. We were inspecting Liberg and Ulla (the most remote sites). At this time of the year we used snowmobile to get there. At Liberg we found a damaged windgenerator (the propellers were gone...). The last part of the video shows iceconditions near the island (10MB).
A clip from the seismic room on Jan Mayen in May 2000. We had over 300 earthquakes in one week. Several between R5 and R6! Our discussion is in norwegian (6MB).
A clip showing some of the birdlife on Jan Mayen (15MB).
A clip showing Tikkebu and the Old Met station in November 2000. JX7DFA's antennas and equipment at Tikkebu and JX3EX & JX7DFA at the west side including CQWWCW contest. (18MB).
A clip from the JX7SIX site (Danielsen) and JX7DFA/p at the 'Old Meteorological station' at the west side of Jan Mayen working some stations in USA on 24.9MHz CW via fluttery & weak condx in 1998. On the video recording you can hear W7AJ, W1OO, WG0W and K9KG in USA. Equipment: Deltaloop slooping from a 20M high tower, IC-706 and IC-2KL. The Old Met. QTH is probably the windiest location in Norway, due to its location near the Beerenberg volcano! We frequently measure 80+++ knots at the cabin (5MB).
A clip of JX7DFA working some stations on 28MHz CW in the summer of 2000 (QTH is Tikkebu - a small hut on the eastern side of Jan Mayen). On the video recording you can hear EA4MS, OM0AA, US0IDX, RA4PY, CT1BH, YO2BP, UA9SC and OK1FAB. Equipment: TS-450, Alpha 91b and a 3 ele yagi (8MB).
Here is a 233MB video compiled from recordings in year 2000.
JX7DFA, Photo: Kenneth Jonas Photo: JX7DFA Old met station