Per-Einar Dahlen LA7DFA
I got my license in May 1986.   DX'ing using MORSE CODE on HF and VHF has always been my favorite part of the hobby.  


2014: May 23: Bought a house on Smoela island JP33VJ84SJ. Now I will finally be able to get back on air in a proper way. The goal is to get a decent tower for HF / 6M. Plus a smaller one for 4 longyagis for 144MHz.

Weather station

My DXCC's worked on 160 - 2m. Date 26 Oct 2018.


Propagation map
My QTH=EU-036
I upload daily
4 * 18 ele 144MHz 1995

6M yagi 2008


LA7DFA SHACK 2003 JX7DFA 2000 Meeting DL1UU in JP54 Eva and me X-mas 2001 Lisbeth & me

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Using DF3CB labelprint
Olsbu, Jan Mayen 2001
LA7DFA shack in 2003
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