Per-Einar Dahlen LA7DFA
I got my license in May 1986.   DX'ing using MORSE CODE on HF and VHF has always been my favorite part of the hobby.  


2014: May 23: Bought a house on Smoela island JP33VJ84SJ. Now I will finally be able to get back on air in a proper way. The goal is to get a decent tower for HF / 6M. Plus a smaller one for 4 longyagis for 144MHz.

2014 July: Multiband OCF Dipole QRV. Worked 250 DXCCs with this in one year.
2015 September: 24m high tower installed, Fritzel FB-53 installed (3 ele 20M, 4 ele 15M & 4 ele 10M), with prosistel rotator.

My weatherstation

2012: ES season started early in May. May 29: EG8TFE worked easy at 1622Z with 599 CW signal for a new DXCC.

July 4'th was great with my first pileup from NA on 50MHz. Worked 14 stations on the East Coast just after midnight (UTC). Here is a recording on 50075,5 made by K2ZD with his 4 yagi array. I discovered my RX is even worse than I expected. With a quiet location I could easily worked many of those stations calling.


2011: Had some nice openings to Europe 28 May and 10 June. 18 June I heard Z30A or Z31A, but did not manage to work him due to contest QRM ^^. VY2ZM suddenly came trough with a 579 CW signal at 21Z for a new DXCC.


2010 ES season started a bit late, but at the end of May we had a minor storm on the sun. It created some nice propagation even here. Israel 4Z4KZ worked 27 May on 6M CW, and surprised to suddenly copy NP2X on May 31st at 2210Z (over local midnight). We exchanged 579 reports and was my DXCC-entity number 51 on 6M.

8. June EY8MM was worked on 6M CW. I heard Nodir for 30 minutes. In 2002 I worked Nodir from JX7DFA on 6M as well :-)

11. June K1TOL & K2ZD were worked on 6M CW at 2127Z. I was a bit late discovering the condx but managed to work USA for the first time from home. During daytime I had short skip to SM6 and OZ, and that probably helped the MUF to stay high during the evening.

June 2009 were great on 6M at times.

11 June C37NL CW, 14 June SV5BYR CW, 21 June E7DX CW, 9H6A CW, 8R1DB CW and finally NP4A on SSB.


In May 2008 I decided to try a little harder on SIX and made a 4 ele yagi with 10.3dBi gain on a 4.05M long boom. The antenna seems to perform well and will definately work better than my previous dipoles and GPs on 6M :)
Worked EA6SX and JX/G7VJR as new ones on 6M in July 2008. It is still a joy to work new ones! I am especially happy with JX on 6M CW as I have worked over 3K 6M QSOs from there myself - Thanks for your great effort Michael:)


22/May-2007 100 DXCCs confirmed on 160M CW, QSLs for 9BDXCC pure A1A finally confirmed!




Propagation map
I use LOTW
4 * 18 ele 144MHz 1995

6M yagi 2008


LA7DFA SHACK 2003 JX7DFA 2000 Meeting DL1UU in JP54 Eva and me X-mas 2001 Lisbeth & me

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Using DF3CB labelprint
Olsbu, Jan Mayen 2001
LA7DFA shack in 2003
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