JX3P - Jan Mayen club station

JX3P is the callsign of the Jan Mayen amateurradio club station. The club station consists of a small cottage, HF radio and antennas for 160-6M. The JX3P call is almost never used since the operators prefers to use their own calls. It is difficult to go to Jan Mayen (unless you work at the Loran-C station or Meteorological station). The only realistic way of getting there is going by (your own) yatch. Licensing is 'no problem', but contact the station commander before you go. More info: Jan Mayen homesite

photo: jx7dfa photo: Gløersen photo: jx7dfa photo: jx7dfa
Hamshack - JX3P
Eruption 1970
Conical antenna
Northern J.M.

photo: Gunnar Utkilen Made by: Manfred Purtz photo: jx7dfa

photo: jx7dfa Photo: Gunnar Utkilen photo: Gunnar Utkilen
Station from the air
Spark TX 1920's
100.000kg Whale
Meteorological stn.

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